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New Soccer Field Construction Completed!!

We are so excited to announce the completion of our new soccer field in the Tampe-Kukuo community of Tamale.

When Steph and I came to the community last year, we immediately saw a problem with their current field size and condition. And not only that, but there were 7 different teams trying to train on this one field! We asked the chief if there was any land that we could develop for the community and create a new field that will allow more area for the teams to train on.

So without delay we brought in heavy equipment to strip and level the land so that we can build our first 2 acre soccer field. After months of work, some with heavy machinery, most off the backs of hard working coaches and players, the field went from farm land to soccer training.

The community made a huge sacrifice in giving up some of their farm land, but today they can see vision we laid out 6 months ago starting to come together. See, Tampe-Kukuo is located in the booming metropolis of Tamale, a 1 million person city of northern Ghana. Soccer is life in this city, but fields for training are cleared away for housing and businesses.

It is our goal to develop the land in this community with soccer training grounds that the community can rent out to other teams to help bring revenue and develop the TK community. Big picture here is with a developing community we can draw in better teachers for the children. With the completion of the first field, we are now hoping to start the construction of the next one we have been given the ok from the chief to do.

So today we celebrate the completion of our first field, with

2 sets of goals and nets, and invite you to join us on the next project in building another field that we will include lighting and benches.

So where is this Tape-Kukuo?

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