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Update on Ghana Trip in June

Hey there!

Steph and I just wanted to send out a quick thank you to each and everyone of you. Because of your support, our work at the Goals For Life Project has taken off far beyond our wildest expectations.

As most of you know, Steph and I just spent 3 weeks in Ghana checking in on the work we started last year, and to inject the means for the work to expand to the next stage. We are pleased to announce the following developments:

  • 200 soccer balls delivered to Gangdu FC and the Wickham FC.

  • Wickham Football Training Pitch recognized by the Ghana Football Association with the GFA Chairman performing the opening commencement of the field.

  • Second soccer field construction has started in Tampe-Kukuo community.

  • 7000 Doses of malaria drugs delivered to an impoverished region of Northern Ghana.

  • Clinic Construction is progressing well. People are already receiving medical treatment, many traveling a great distance for care.

  • GFLP has hired its first employees. John will be leading the mentorship work in the Tampe-Kukuo area. Elijah has been appointed as my right hand and is in charge of all work being done. As a business major, his expertise on our team will allow for the work on the new clinic and field construction, all while managing the 2 soccer clubs, to progress even while we are in the States.

There is so much more to share and we are working diligently on getting everything added to the website, so stay tuned!

So again, thank you so much, none of this could happen without you. This past trip, though short in time, was a huge success as it has clearly defined our roles and assured us of its success.

We love you guys!


JD and Stephanie Wickham

Goals For Life Project

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