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New Field Commissioning

On our trip to Ghana in June, we had the pleasure of being a part of the commissioning of the training field in Tampe-Kukuo, Tamale. It was quite the event, as the Gangdu SC paraded their teams wearing their new jerseys before sport and government dignitaries. An unexpected gift from this event was an article written by the Ghana Football Association and posted on their website.

Check it out!

Now let's take a moment and explain why this is so significant. The GFA is a government agency that regulates all of soccer play in Ghana. It is overseen by FIFA and is striving to show the world that Ghana can produce high quality players. In the past, Ghana teams have been plagued by corruption and cheating scandals, and FIFA has just recently lifted its ban on international play. So, having the Chairman of GFA there to commission the field, brings a new partnership with the GFLP working with GFA in producing the next players that will bring honor to the people of Ghana.

It is with this partnership that the GFLP hopes to expand our efforts in building more FIFA regulation size fields, while reaching further out into remote villages in recruiting players to our academy in Tempe-Kukuo, where they will not only receive high quality training on the field, but also a chance for a high school education. We know that through these efforts we are Equipping Athletes for Success.

Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to celebrating our wins as we Equip. Strengthen. Thrive.

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