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Peer to Peer Fundraising

Are you excited about what we are doing at the GFLP? We would love to have you help spread the word through your social network! We are looking for some folks that are just as bought in as we are, and help us push through our fundraising goals. Hit the Contact Us button and help spread the word. Don't just be excited about what we are doing, BE apart of what we are doing.

Marketing Consultant

We need to surround ourselves with others that help spur us on to being the best that we can be. That means partnering with folks that are gifted in totally different ways. And one area we are lacking in is how to market our passion so that others feel what we do. At the GFLP, we know the mission, we just need help in getting the resources to make it happen. Are you a passionate and outgoing person? Do you always find yourself in the middle of your friends, rallying them on to the next adventure? Well we would love to chat with you! Please hit the Contact Us button and let us work together in bringing the tools needed in Empowering People for Success at the GFLP.

Short Term Trip

We would love to have you join us on a short term trip to Ghana and be apart of what we are doing. We travel back and forth between Ghana and America each year, so there are plenty of opportunities to help us in soccer training at our academy in Tamale, or medical care as we work with the people living in the remote regions of northern Ghana. If you would like more information about this, press the Contact Us button and let us know. We look forward to working together in empowering the people for success. 

Love is why we do what we do.

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